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But she was juggling for other men too :/

I Won't Stand in Your Way
Drake Bell/Ready Steady Go!


No Matter Who Likes It. Drake Bell Is Amazing

Give Me a Little More Time
Drake Bell/Ready Steady Go!


Give Me a Little More Time - Drake Bell

I think S&C has a new low

It only got 2.190 Via FC


TTM=Not on list

It seems that not even imdb knows whether Jerry was actually playing Crazy Steve or if it was just a stand in wearing a mask and overlayed with old Crazy Steve quotes.

I assume it wasn’t him as he said nothing about his appearance and Dan didn’t either(or did he and I missed it?)

Was S&C new on Saturday,12th?

If so it didn’t get on the Cable Top 25 list which has SBSP as #25 at 2.69

Also, ratings in general are falling when you look at the list. It use to be a rarity that anything below 3.0 would make it on the list and now #11-25 were all 2.8’s and below.

Still the same old Cory & Topanga <3

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Something about the new Girl Meets World teaser looks awfully familiar…

Wow, when they said they would be willing to get anyone from the cast of Boy Meets World on GMW I was mainly thinking the main cast but it does look like it was open to anyone as a new guest star was just revealed in a fan experience.

I admit it will be awesome to see what some of them are up to but having them all be at Riley’s school or connected in some way to the school/kids who attend is a little odd,unrealistic,and too Disney IMO.(besides Shawn as his is more realistic)

So, if anymore come I hope it’s on a trip back home,reunion,visiting Cory/Topanga,etc


Girl Meets World First Look 

"How long do I have to live in my father’s world?"
"Until you make it yours"


I just saw the clip of Crazy Steve on Sam and Cat (I really don’t like that show) but I find it a bit sad that Crazy Steve is in a locked up mental hospital. Perhaps something bad happened while on the job at the Premiere. What makes him funny is obviously because he is “crazy” however I always saw him as “harmless crazy” not “evil crazy”.

I still haven’t even gotten around to watching that,nor do I feel like it. I’d honestly rather not hear about a fan favorite getting doomed to a crappy future on a crappy spin-off show. 

Also, Dan doesn’t have a good history with mental hospitals anyway.He thinks kids can check in when they realize they have a crush on their rival as seen in the iCarly Seddie arc. I’m actually surprised Nickelodeon even let him go there again.

illuminating-socks asked: I don't really follow the news about Jerry but I thought I'd give it a try. And I found ABSOLUTELY NOTHING either... It's kinda scary...

I know. I’ve just been living on rare pics of him that  finds.

Other than that and we haven’t seen anything acting wise for months(still not a 100% confirmation on that S&C Crazy Steve thing.) and I don’t think he’s done any stand up comedy at Groundlings either.

I hope all goes well and we see him soon though.