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Anonymous said: I think the Sam and Cat ratings are low because of Goomer. Every time he is on the ratings are low. He's the worst character on the show. They made him way too dumb and with Cat being kind of dumb too, it's just too much! They need to drop his character and maybe bring in somebody like Spencer as Dice's uncle or something. He was silly but still normal.

idk, some S&C fans actually thought this was the best episode thus far(which must suck for them since it got the lowest ratings) and I’ve heard some other people who are watching the show(and a few that stopped a few eps in) who don’t like Dice either.

but,on the same day this episode aired Dan did pull the Victorious card on Twitter again and maybe his tweets and putting Victoria in an awkward position did more harm than good. Not to mention the episode was also Victorious base as well.

Other than that and some are blaming it on Disney having Judy Moody Movie playing at the same time and Nick not advertising enough for this episode(although the last few eps have had the best advertising than any other Nick show in recent years and those episodes didn’t even get over the 2.8-3.1 range)

and there is the possibility people aren’t interested anymore and the numbers are decreasing due to that.

  1. onehorseshay said: This episode got just as much advertisement as the others as they were even shown on TeenNick.The curiosity factor could be over as they weren’t the most popular characters in the first place.
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