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Miranda’s video acceptance of the iCarly award and introducing Jerry’s appearance at the Brazil KCA’s

(Plus Jerry crazy dancing on stage)

Do you remember when Miranda Cosgrove was in that bus crash?

Remember when I said something was up because she never outright thanked the bus driver or said who he was even though they credited him for saving their lives and said he was basically a hero? (did they or did the news media? I forgot.))

Well, I just came across some old articles I missed from June 2013  about how Miranda is now suing the bus driver and claims her and her mother were “disfigured and disabled’"  and that the accident happened because of the bus driver and the other driver.

Cosgrove and her mother, who also was on board the tour bus, have sued the driver of the bus, the driver of the big-rig and the transportation companies alleging the accident could have been prevented, according to a report in TMZ.”

"The lawsuit filed in federal court in Illinois alleged that both drivers were operating their vehicles in an unsafe manner and didn’t keep a ‘safe and proper lookout.’
 ”They also claimed the tour bus driver did not hit the brakes on time.”
The lawsuit also claimed the women were each ‘disfigured and disabled’ and ‘have lost their normal lives’ due to the crash.

They did not offer details on their injuries. They were suing for unspecified damages, but seeking more than $50,000 each.”

More articles about it
Dan wants Miranda “on” Sam&Cat

And how does that work exactly when her character left for Italy? Did he forget that detail too?

Our luck we won’t even get a group iCarly cast picture.

Jerry Trainor Jokes He’ll Visit Former Costar Miranda Cosgrove at College on #OnAirWithRyanSeacrest

The Nick star joked: “I don’t have any plans, but now that you mention it, I’m saying yeah, wow! That is a well…I have not visited…what am I doing, I could be hanging out with college kids. How fun does that sound? That sounds like a nightmare.”

Be sure to catch the premiere of Wendell & Vinnie on Nickelodeon, Saturday February 16 at 8/7c.

“Yet, Trainor gives a mighty big compliment to all of the child actors he’s worked with over the years: “I’ve learned that they’re smart, they get it. They get [the joke.] Buddy (Wendell) gets the humor on a nuanced level of an adult. That’s a good lesson.””
— Jerry on how his young co-stars (iCarly/Buddy included) are able to get the jokes in the shows.


I’m not the only one curious to know if any of the iCarly cast went to a live taping of Wendell & Vinnie, right?

This is how iCarly should have ended


  • Dan: Miranda, Jennette, Nathan, and Noah all got together at Nathan’s house to watch the final iCarly episode together in Los Angeles when it aired on Friday night, November 24, 2012.  Jerry and I would have attended, but Jerry was in San Diego with his family (for Thanksgiving), and I was in Santa Barbara with my family.  Here’s a photo from Nathan’s house, the night they watched iGoodbye together (which I think is wonderful)…



Carly:I love you.
Spencer:I love you too kid.

Carly:I love you.

Spencer:I love you too kid.

From the new CelebSecrets4U video, it looks like during the hat party/Jamaican laser tag party Carly’s dad must ask her to come live with him.

Carly and Spencer’s dad from a distance

Carly and Spencer’s dad from a distance